Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente is an alcohol and drug rehab center that is located at 1441 Kapiolani Boulevard Suite 1600 Honolulu, HI 96814.You can contact Kaiser Permanente by calling (808) 432-7600x7639. Specializes in Services Provided: Substance abuse treatmentType of Care: Outpatient
Payment FormsForms of Payment Accepted: Medicaid, Medicare 

Treatment Service Definitions

Treatment Services for Gay and Lesbian - Davenport, Hawaii

Treatment services for gay and lesbian individuals can provide locations of drug and alcohol treatment centers that are educated and understand the unique aspects of society for gay and lesbian individuals suffering from a drug and/or alcohol addiction. Treatment programs for gay and lesbian individuals can range from inpatient rehabs to outpatient meeting locations. If you are having an intervention for the individual before they get into a treatment facility and this is a concern, make sure to let the interventionist know beforehand so he or she can provide a list of services that cater to gay and lesbian individuals.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services for Men - Davenport, Hawaii

Treatment services that specialize in Drug Rehab or Alcohol Rehabilitation for men can provide treatment option that have tailored programs fit to men's lifestyles. These programs may have specific activities, classes and programs, counselors and other options that are designed to deal specifically with men suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction. If you have an intervention planned to get the individual into a drug or alcohol rehab, let the interventionist or registered addiction specialist know that you are looking for this type of treatment facility.

Alcohol Treatment Services for DUI/DWI Offenders - Davenport, Hawaii

Treatment Services for DUI/DWI offenders can provide specialized treatment services for an individual with this problem. Many DUI/DWI offenders are facing legal consequences because their abuse of Alcohol and treatment services that deal specifically with these cases will take that into account and provide additional options. Treatment can be done at a residential alcohol rehab or at an outpatient alcohol rehabilitation program. If you are having an intervention done prior to the individual going into treatment, let the interventionist or alcohol addiction counselor know beforehand so they can take into account any possible legal issues that a DUI/DWI offender may be experiencing.

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