Population Data, Mosheim, Tennessee

There are currently 1,749 people living in Mosheim, Tennessee.

As of 2000, there are 156 married couples in Mosheim.

There are 58 single parent families in Mosheim, TN.

There are 214 families with children living in Mosheim.

Education Data, Mosheim, TN.

In Mosheim, there are 1,253 individuals with some type of education.

Out of those people, 539 have graduated highschool, 242 have completed some college, and 103 have a bachelor degree or higher.

Income Data, Mosheim

The average family income in Mosheim, TN. is $36,118.

There are 149 people living in poverty in Mosheim.

449 people in Mosheim, Tennessee own their own homes.

143 people currently rent in Mosheim.

The average rent in Mosheim is $390.