Population Data, Brownfield, Texas

There are currently 9,488 people living in Brownfield, Texas.

As of 2000, there are 760 married couples in Brownfield.

There are 337 single parent families in Brownfield, TX.

There are 1,097 families with children living in Brownfield.

Education Data, Brownfield, TX.

In Brownfield, there are 6,029 individuals with some type of education.

Out of those people, 1,929 have graduated highschool, 1,246 have completed some college, and 534 have a bachelor degree or higher.

Income Data, Brownfield

The average family income in Brownfield, TX. is $31,935.

There are 2,164 people living in poverty in Brownfield.

1,988 people in Brownfield, Texas own their own homes.

791 people currently rent in Brownfield.

The average rent in Brownfield is $390.


Drug Rehab and Intervention Brownfield, TX.

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Brownfield, Texas is usually an addicted individual's only hope for any type of future worth living. Thankfully there are quality drug rehabilitation facilities, as well as holistic and alternative programs that are a welcome substitute for the typical 12-step and disease model facilities. Such facilities don't just offer a substitute for the disease model and 12-step, which in many instances people have tried and discovered was unhelpful before, but they are also a drug-free alternative which is very important to ensure that individuals can live an absolutely drug-free life. Long-term residential and inpatient drug rehabilitation programs in Brownfield are the most effective facilities because they allow someone to escape the things which trigger their addiction, and have total concentration on rehabilitation without access to drugs. It won't be easy, however it is something that will ensure the person doesn't fall into substance abuse again when things become challenging, and they will also be around a strong support system in drug and alcohol treatment in Brownfield, TX. to enable them to get through to the end.

Intervention is sometimes the one hope for getting someone into drug and alcohol rehab in Brownfield, Texas, and this helpful tool must be used right away if someone close to you needs help. Frequently, denial and guilt can prevent someone for reaching out for this help independently. When this is the situation, family members and friends can step in and make contact with a nearby drug rehabilitation facility in Brownfield to find out how to do an intervention and hold one without delay. This will be something which will require an organized effort, and lots of planning, including getting all arrangements made for the individual's arrival in rehab. Work with a rehab counselor with the quality drug rehab facility in Brownfield, TX. of choice to get the intervention process started promptly.

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